Results of the Ratimed project

Health authorities worldwide are struggling to evaluate, regulate and control ever-increasing amounts of “traditional medicines” sold and consumed in their countries. At the same time, those involved in the traditional pharmaceutical industry often lack a clear vision of how this industry is unfolding and functioning on a larger scale.


The Ratimed project is therefore designed to deliver the empirical data and critical analyses needed by policy-makers and stakeholders to better understand the emerging transnational Sowa Rigpa industry and market.

Simultaneously, it contributes to cutting-edge scholarship on a new type of pharmaceutical assemblage that reconfigures biological, cultural, political and economic ontologies in contemporary Asia.


Our approach is collaborative. This project was designed in dialogue with Sowa Rigpa experts and stakeholders in all four countries, and will remain open to suggestions from the people we work with. In order to ensure a two-way flow of knowledge, we will share and discuss the results through a variety of media and platforms, including academic publications, conferences and workshops, public media, and this website.

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