Bernard Coops

Bernard Coops is photographer, filmmaker and designer / art director. He graduated in Illustration at the Art Academy CABK in Kampen, the Netherlands (now ArtEZ Zwolle), where he teaches new media since a couple of years. His photography and film can be found in the Rubin Museum in New York (Tibetan medicine in exile, ‘Bodies in Balance’) and gallery Laguanacazul in Buenos Aires. As designer he made, among other things, the Ratimed project posters and logo, a video-wall at the Vermeer Center Delft, and worked at the station identities of the Dutch broadcast channels RTL 4, RTL 7, RTL 8 and Nederland 1. Together with his wife Nellie he engages in documentary projects, such as “No Reply”, selected for the Dutch Film Festival (NFF), and the current project “Is this it?”.