Mingji Cuomu

Mingji Cuomu is a qualified Tibetan doctor (MSc 2004 Tibetan Medical College, Lhasa), medical anthropologist (PhD 2010 Humboldt University, Berlin), and public health specialist (MA 2010 Hallam University, Sheffield). Besides a wide network of professional contacts in Tibet and beyond, she has extensive working experience in large research projects on Tibetan medicine (including an NIH project), and as a professional at the Lhasa Mentsikhang and the Shongpalhachu Tibetan Medical Factory. Mingji’s postdoctoral research has been funded by a Wellcome fellowship at the University of Oxford, where she continues to hold an affiliation as a visiting scholar. As attested by her extensive publication list and numerous conferences organized by her, she plays an active role in the international field of Tibetan medicine. Mingji was employed as a researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Social Anthropology between June 2014 and May 2017.


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Contact: cuomu.mingji@anthro.ox.ac.uk