Tawni Tidwell

Tawni Tidwell is a Tibetan medical doctor (first at Men-Tsee-Khang India, then Sorig Loling Tibetan Medical College of Qinghai University in Xining, China, graduated 2015) and biocultural anthropologist (PhD 2017 Emory University). Her research focuses on cancer, metabolic, and neurologic disorders as well as the pharmacologic innovations in Tibetan medicine to treat such disorders. As such, she collaborates with researchers at Emory University on a compositional chemistry and toxicology analysis of tsotel, one of the most important medicinal compounds in Tibetan medicine, and tracks proper compounding and training training in the Tibetan medical field. Tawni is dedicated to facilitating dialogue and collaboration between the Tibetan and Western intellectual traditions of medicine, science and contemplative inquiry. Additionally, she is particularly interested in the learning processes in memory, embodiment, and sensory entrainment for deployment in diagnostic skills, which Tibetan doctors develop throughout their education and lifetime. She also serves as an advisor and assistant translator for the Tibetan Community Health Network, an online health science information resource in Tibetan language for Tibetan communities founded by former Emory-Tibet Science Initiative translator Sangey Tashi.


CV: Tawni Tidwell