Tony Chui

Tony Chui is a neurobiologist, a tibetologist and a medical anthropologist. His multidisciplinary training enables him to conduct research at the fertile edge of pre-industrial and contemporary healing worldviews. Tony obtained his BSc in Human Biology at the University of Toronto, following which he received his MPhil in Neurobiology from the Faculty of Medicine and a Master of Buddhist Studies from the Centre of Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong. Pursuing his research into Tibetan modes of healing the ‘life-wind’ illness, he received his PhD from the same University in 2017. His study is informed by his awareness of current modes and assumptions of scientific inquiry deriving from his background in neurobiology, and pre-industrial, especially Tibetan, medical conceptualisations of health and sickness. His current research interests focus on the impact of Tibetan Buddhist ideations on the conceptualization and management of illness.


CV: Chui CV